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It’s no secret that our budgeting and appropriations process is broken.

With government funding set to expire on September 30th, Senator John Thune (R-SD), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, offered a candid assessment of Congress’ broken budgeting process for CQ Roll Call.

According to Thune, crisis budgeting under the threat of government shutdown has yielded bad deals for hard-working Americans – handing leverage to those pushing for higher spending.

“I think people get very tired of having to process these things at the end of the year, at the eleventh hour, when in most cases Democrats have all the leverage because we haven’t gotten the bills across the floor,” Thune said. “Now last year, they blocked them all by filibuster, but we’re going to try and get as many of them done as we can,” he added.

The  Stop, Cut & Fix congressional spending plan from Freedom Partners and its allies is a simple first step that lawmakers can take to end the cycle of crisis budgeting, reduce spending, and return to regular order.